How to purchase branded goods in affordable prices / Benefits of purchasing used branded goods

Shopping for branded products always drag some extra cash out of our wallets, but who doesn’t want to save some extra bucks.
Branded products are available in such high prices that it is not easily accessible to every individual but what if I tell you that you can actually buy branded products in lesser prices.
Yes! You heard it right!
In past few years Pakistan also followed the trend of online shopping rather than the conventional shopping method and there is nothing better than buying stuff hassle-free which also saves your time.

The concept of buying pre-owned or used stuff is quite common and the most well-known way of buying such things is byvisiting “Sunday bazar”. From clothing to accessories, you can find a huge variety of branded goods over there in very low prices.

As I’ve mentioned earlier about online shopping, the concept of Sunday bazar now goes online in Pakistan andyou can buy used products with just a single click. A bunch of sites in Pakistan are offering such services where you can buy second hand branded goods online.

Visiting Sunday bazar’s is itself a very hectic thing to do, I personally don’t like visiting crowded places and if you are like me then just sit back and relax at your home and visit online sites to avoid disruptions.

They’ve not only made it convenient for customers to buy but there are some major benefits as well. You cannot only purchase things but you can also sell your used branded products over there and I think that’s a good call.


Whether it’s new or old, branded items remain branded and there is no harm in owning used branded products, it is actually beneficial for you and for othersas well.


The foremost and themajor factor of buying used goods is saving your money, at times you can get branded products in 70% to 80% less rates than the original value of the product, why paying 2000 PKR for a single shirt when you can get one in 300 or 400 PKR 😀

FACT: You don’t have to pay sales tax on buying used items.


You have a large variety of things from several brands to select from, but they are not available in bulk quantity, sometimes only 1 or 2 pieces are available,so first come first get formula is applicable here 😉


To make an impression on your friends and family it is great to gift them branded stuff, you can purchase clothes, bags, accessories or toys for kids as a gift for different occasions.


Pre-owned is basically tried and tested in a way because it was already in use of someone, they might have used it for a couple of month or may be more than that but still in good shape to reuse it again then it is likely to stay in the same position for a few more years.


You can buy more things when you opt for second hand items shopping. If you are a student and running your monthly expenses on your limited pocket money then it is the best option for you to pick more clothes, shoes or any other stuff for your daily use.


By purchasing used items from locals can actually help in providing business to many other people from the same market who owns a small business as compared to big brand names in the market.
It mightnot make a very huge difference but something is better than nothing.

PRO TIP: After sometime if you don’t like the thing that you bought or it got damaged, you will not feel that bad because after all you haven’t paid a whole lot of money for it.

There are probably more other good reasons to buy used items but above are some that popped up in my mind according to my personal views on which you might agree or disagree, but trust me it is the best way to save your money and can make a prominent difference .
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Happy shopping! 🙂