7 Easy DIY jewelry making ideas

Handmade jewelry is an in trend these days, and making jewelry with your own self is a fun thing to do. And if you are a mother and you have daughters than involving your kids in this activity can increase their creativity and it’s a great way to utilize your leisure time.
Here are some amazing ideas that can help you in creating a master piece for yourself or you can also gift it to someone.

Bracelets are the most elegant jewelry piece, it gives you a very chic look, and what’s better than making one by yourself.

Here is a list of things that are required for making a tassel bracelet:

Pair of scissors
Embroidery Thread
Jump Rings
Ribbon connectors
Flat nose pliers
Lobster clasp
small cardboard piece

Lets make a tiny tassel first, cut a small piece of cardboard and wrap embroidery thread around length wise, approximately 10 to 13 times and tie the knot and remove from cardboard.

Insert the top of thread in the ribbon connector and flatten it up with pliers. Cut a small length of thread and wrap below the ribbon connector. Insert a jump ring in ribbon connector and hook it up in chain. Repeat for all the tassels.

Add a jump ring and lobster clasp to each end and here you go! Your tassel bracelet is ready. You can use same color or different color thread to make multicolored bracelet.

Sparkling jewelry always brighten up your overall appearance, and this DIY dazzling ring will add that spark to your look!

You’ll need glitter, Varnish glue, adjustable ring with setting pad and disposable container for mixing.

Pour half teaspoon of glitter and ¼ teaspoon on varnish glue in to the disposable container to make a dense mixture. Try to use less glue so that your glitter is more enhanced.

Transfer the mixture into the ring pad using toothpick and spread the mixture evenly and let it dry until its set.

You can make as much colors as you want, so don’t be afraid to sparkle! 😉

A very simple yet stylish way to make statement earrings for yourself with just 4 things:

– bobby pins
– ear ring hooks
– craft wire
– nail polish (different colors)

Place your bobby pins on a piece of cardboard to keep them intact, now create a design with your nail colors, just tape the areas you want to paint and make whatever pattern you want, diamond, stripes or any other pattern, now let your nail paint dry and carefully pull of the tape.

Take the pins out from the cardboard and cut two pieces of wires, allow the wires to pass through the pins and twist the wires and attach the hook, and wrap the wires around once again to secure and cut off the excess.

Repeat same steps for the second earring and you are ready to wear them 

To make a nice fringe necklace you’ll need these things:

– Wire cutters
– Chain
– Beads (any color you like)
– Head pins and eye pins
– Round nose pliers

Take a pin and start adding beads into it, you can draw a rough sketch of what pattern do you want to create with beads and how much pins do you want to be filed with how many beads.

Secure each end by rotating the tip of each pin with nose pliers to form a loop, now start adding beads accordingly, and make around 6 to 7 beaded pins. Now take an eye pin (which has already a loop on one end) slide beaded pins in it, after sliding each pin put a single bead so that it creates a small space between each pin.

Cut the chain according to your desired length, I prefer long chains for such necklaces. Attach the chains on each end and WOILA! Your statement necklace is all set.

5. Button Hairpins:

Are you bored with your simple, ordinary bobby pins?
Upgrade your bobby pins with this easy DIY idea.

You just need 4 things for this:
– Bobby pins
– Old colorful buttons
– Thread & Needle
– Super Glue


Take any button of your choice and sew it at the end of the bobby pin and secure it with super glue. Let it sit for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes so that the buttons can stick firmly with bobby pins.

Once the glue dries, you can use the upgraded version of your bobby pins. They look wonderful on little girls as well.

6. Felt Bow Hairclips:
Add a little color to your hair accessories with these cute clips.
They are not only easy to make but also look super cute! ^_^

Following things are required to make these bow hairclips:

– Felt cloth (select your favorite colors)
– Hot Glue Gun
– Barrettes Clips


Cut rectangular pieces of different felt cloths, you can cut large or small rectangular pieces according to your requirement, also cut small and thin strips, you can either use same color strips or different color strips.

Pinch the rectangle from center, wrap the strip around it and secure it with hot glue. Paste the bows on barrettes clips and let it dry and your bow hairclip is ready to wear.

To make your bows look more stylish, you can also add small buttons, beads or simply apply glitter glue at the top of your bow.

7. No sew head band (2 ways):

What’s better than making something which doesn’t required stitching or sewing?
So here is a DIY idea for making a headband in which no sewing is involved.

Few things which are required to make this band are:

– Old T-shirt
– Scissors
– Fabric glue or double sided tape

As head sizes are different, so I can’t give you the exact length details so adjust the length accordingly. Cut 4 inches wide rectangular piece, now stick the ends with double sided tape or fabric glue and let it try.

1st Way:
Cut another small strip and wrap it around in the center of the large piece to give it a bow like shape, now apply fabric glue at the end. Your single bow headband is ready to use.

2nd Way:
Repeat the same method as above, just add another smaller rectangular piece before sticking the small strip, pinch both small and large rectangular pieces from the center and wrap around the strip and secure ends with glue.

If you are obsessed with jewelry then this blog is going to be very useful for you. Hope that you guy’s will try some of these DIY projects, they are not only fun to make but also less time consuming. It’s a great way to engage your children’s as well :).